Autistic spectrum disorders and Asperger’s support in Birmingham

People with an autism spectrum disorder, including Asperger’s syndrome, share certain difficulties – with communication, with interacting with other people and with imagining, such as situations that have not been experienced, changes in routine or other people’s behaviour, intentions or viewpoints.

As a spectrum disorder, the condition affects each individual differently. Their autism may also be complicated by other issues, including learning disabilities or difficulties, dyslexia, language development difficulties and epilepsy.

At Guardian Supported Living, we understand that people with autistic spectrum conditions may have needs that challenge traditional, less flexible forms of service provision. The complexity of the condition makes a person-centred approach, like the way we work at Guardian essential.

Our approach also includes ensuring that our support workers are trained to understand the difficulty people with autism and Asperger’s may face with day-to day-issues – like making choices or interpreting body language or social signs – and offer appropriate support, including identifying and using communication tools and strategies that each individual finds most helpful.

In providing our supported living services and outreach, we work with each service user and those closest to them to support them in moving towards a more independent lifestyle and achieving positive outcomes.

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For further information on how we support Autistic Spectrum Conditions, contact our Supported Living team on 0121 227 8333, or send us an Email