Supporting people with Mental Health issues in and around Birmingham

We understand that poor mental health can lead to homelessness and people with mental health problems can sometimes find it difficult to secure and maintain good quality accommodation.

Through day-to-day support our clients are able to stabilise their lives and begin the journey towards recovery.
For some this may mean feeling content and well, while others may want to live the best life they can while dealing with the every-day symptoms of their condition.

We help people by encouraging them to think about their strengths and abilities, and the changes they can make in their lives to take control, reach their goals and achieve improved mental wellbeing.

We help people to work towards achieving their personal goals at their own pace. As our client’s needs change, the level of support they receive from us can be adapted to match.

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For further information on how we can support mental health issues, contact our Supported Living team on 0121 227 8333, or send us an Email