Down’s Syndrome and Supported Living in Birmingham

Life with Down’s syndrome

Although there is no “cure” for Down’s syndrome, there are ways to help children with the condition develop into healthy and fulfilled individuals who are able to achieve the level of independence right for them.

This includes:

  • access to good healthcare, including a range of different specialists
  • early intervention programmes to provide support for children and parents
  • good parenting skills and an ordinary family life
  •  education and support groups to provide information and help for parents, friends and families

Improved education and support has led to more opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome. These include being able to leave home, form new relationships, gain employment and lead largely independent lives.
However, it is important to remember each child is different and it is not possible to predict how individuals will develop.

Care and support

Our self contained apartments with staff available on site to assist and give you the best in life to be independent with a little support at hand if required.

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For further information on how we can support Down’s Syndrome , contact our Supported Living team on 0121 227 8333, or send us an Email