Supporting people in the Birmingham area with Learning and Physical Disabilities

We work with people with disabilities to help them live the life they want. We encourage and support people to build their social networks and work towards personal goals such as learning to look after their home or getting a job.

  • We recognise that people with disabilities may need support to help them achieve their goals.
  • We support people to maximise their choice and control over where, with whom and how they live by:
  • Working with individuals to identify their strengths, abilities and preferences– involving family members, carers, representatives, advocates and others in their life.
  • Helping individuals to set themselves goals and targets as part of their support plan.
  • Working with individuals to help them implement their support plan, providing support as necessary.
  • Establishing strong working relationships with others involved in supporting the individual.
  • Ensuring individuals are provided with accurate and accessible information about their rights, responsibilities and the choices available to them in their preferred format and language.
  • Providing practical help such as training and support on how to manage the home, pay bills, home maintenance such as gardening, housework and healthy living.

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For further information on how we can support learning disabilities , contact our Supported Living team on 0121 227 8333, or send us an Email